25 years…Wow!

July 1, 2017 marked KellPro’s 25th fiscal year supporting Oklahoma counties.

Twenty-five years ago Tim Keller began developing a system for Leflore County Clerk. We are incredibly grateful, humbled, honored and of course, Oklahoma proud!

The stories from those who were here at the beginning tell us about converting counties from paper to electronic systems, supporting customers while on the side of the road fixing cars on the way to the next customer site, all day and night installs of computer networks, and flying from one customer to the next in order to be there as quick as possible.

Our desire is to do business in a way that honors God, honors our customers, takes care of our team, and is profitable. These are our company priorities, and every decision we make must factor each of these points. For 25 years now we have done business this way, and God has blessed the work of our hands and we are grateful to Him and every customer!