Meet our teams

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team is eager and willing to answer any of your questions!

When technology problems arise you need to know that help is just a phone call away. Our live Customer Support technicians are dedicated to providing fast, friendly service. This team of professionals can help troubleshoot problems, answer questions, configure software, provide on-the-spot training, or simply provide a listening ear. They love to help!

  • annikah-IMG_5295-011-1
    Annikah Lindstrom
  • cs-camey
    Camey Mireles
  • IMG_5243
    Cassie Bartell
  • jackie_haines
    Jackie Whittington
  • IMG_0846
    Kyle Donaldson
  • IMG_5231
    Robert Blaschke
  • IMG_0896
    Sarah Parker

Consultant Team

Not sure who you need to talk to about an issue specific to your office? Call our experienced Consultant Team!

The primary goal of our team is to provide solutions designed to meet the specialized needs of each office. To accomplish this goal, your personal KellPro consultant will make annual visits in an effort to get to know each of you better, to observe office procedures and to troubleshoot any problems with hardware, software, networking and more. If any issues cannot be resolved on site, our consultant will bring together other team members at KellPro who will work diligently to give you the help you need. Call your Consultant representative…we are ready to work for you!

  • IMG-3027
    Amanda Pollock
  • julie
    Julie Patrick
  • maureen
    Maureen Radke
  • IMG_1342
    Melissa Latham

Infrastructure Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals are ready to solve all your infrastructure needs!

A stable, reliable IT infrastructure is critical to the success of day-to-day operations. Starting with a complete analysis of your current environment, including hardware, networking, security, and disaster recovery, the Infrastructure Team can provide a solution that is perfect for you.

  • IMG_1430
    Brandon Harwell
  • IMG_1390
    Cran Pollock
  • IMG_5554
    Daniel Duhon
  • IMG_5224
    Nathan Lindstrom
  • IMG_1448
    Ryan Rowell
  • IMG_0769
    Steve Skinner
  • IMG_zack
    Zack Sides

Admin Team

Our Admin Team will direct you to the resource that is right for you!

When calling in to KellPro, you need answers as quick as possible. Whether you're contacting us because of a support issue, to register for one of our software schools, with a question about billing, or for any other reason, the Admin team is ready for your call. They keep the gears moving in our office!

  • IMG_1110
    Leah McCann

Development Team

Our Development Team will create a solution that is perfect for you!

World-class software is customized to a user’s specific needs and desires. Our Development Team specializes in application design and creation. The team begins with a thorough understanding of your processes and workflow. Armed with that knowledge and combined with your ongoing involvement, they create a system that is tailored to your needs.

  • IMG_1629
    Alan Henager
  • IMG_1697
    Andrew Depue
  • IMG_1636
    Beau West
  • IMG_1222
    Elizabeth Ligon
  • IMG_0839
    Jeff Skinner
  • IMG_1707
    Mark Getz
  • IMG_1012
    Matt Keller
  • IMG_1590
    Michael Keller
  • IMG_1088
    Nate Anderson

Web Team

Our web team is ready to help with all your online needs!

From designing and maintaining websites to supporting our customers with them, our web team always strives to exceed expectations.

  • IMG_1717
    Ganbayar Gansukh
  • IMG_1709
    Gillson Keller
  • IMG_0889
    Jordan Anderson
  • IMG_3703
    Nashelle Mireles
  • IMG_0897
    Rachel Rollins
  • IMG_3713
    Ruthanna Kuhn

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is here to serve!

As the leaders of KellPro we guide our team members to stay in alignment with the 3 corporate priorities. First we serve our Lord Jesus Christ, second we serve our customers, and third we serve our team members. We maintain an open door policy for both our team members and customers. If you have a question or concern contact either of us anytime.

  • ls-tim
    Tim Keller
  • ls-james
    James Sorensen
    Chief Executive Officer