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ODCR.com has been around since 2002, and started out with just a few Oklahoma courts. Since then we have added most Oklahoma courts, a few Texas courts, and a few cities and tribes. The website is used daily by attorneys, employers, law enforcement, and people checking on the status of their cases. Basic searches are always free. For more specific searching we offer advanced tools. With advanced tools you can search all records by Date of Birth, Street Address, Offense or Cause, and Closed Date. With advanced tools you can monitor a case and/or party by having the system email you when a change is made to a case. We average 6.8 million page views per month.

Most Highlighted Features
  •  Search All Courts or a Specific Court
  •  Advanced Search Engine
  •  Case and Party Monitoring

  •  Image Access to OBA members
  •  Outstanding Warrant Search
  •  Full Court Document Search