Treasurer System

KTS saves the Treasurer time by automating and integrating many of the bookkeeping and accounting processes. The system provides automated tracking and reporting of all monies using a General Ledger-based accounting system. KTS assists the Treasurer as they receive and distribute monies by giving real-time visibility of all activity within the office (receipts, deposits, disbursements, etc.). The system makes every effort to align with SA&I as applicable. It is a Windows-based program that maintains full security of all county information. It is designed to be easy to use, imposing minimal restrictions on the user, while at the same time maintaining rigorous accounting standards, making KTS very unique compared to other accounting software.

Most Highlighted Features
  •  Receipting
  • Warrants and Vouchers
  •  Apportionment

  •  Receivables and Collections
  •  Collateral
  •  Imaging