KellPro is an Oklahoma company that understands and respects the needs of local county government - both in the relationships that we build and in the products that we offer. Whether you're in need of a purchasing and payroll system or a land-recording system, we've got the solution and the commitment to partner with you.

Court System

Case Management for County, District and Tribal Court Clerks

With over 15 years of experience building software for Municipal, County and District Courts, KellPro is pleased to announce the third generation of the KellPro Court System. This software has been re-designed from the ground up, using some of the latest and best technology in the industry, with the goal of automating case management, calendaring, fine and cost collection, jury management, and full financial accounting functions for any court. Users in Municipal, Justice of Peace, County and District Courts provided input to produce this user-friendly, feature-rich, time saving software solution for these offices. One time data entry, smart date fields, list fields and multiple entry fields are just a few of the tools that make data entry easy for Court Clerks.

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Manage Document Recording for County Clerks, Recorders of Deeds and Abstractors

This widely used client/server software system automates many of the tasks performed in County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds offices. The KellPro Recording System is a computerized system for recording official public records, full financial account of fees collected as well as creating reports, providing search capabilities and accessing document images for all records that an official must retain by law. It is designed to save time and money by reducing the cost of many materials used for recording official public records and by efficiently automating business tasks.

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Perform Governmental Purchasing and Payroll for Counties

The KellPro Purchase Order and Payroll System was designed specifically for county clerks in Oklahoma and yet it is versatile enough to automate functions in the offices of the court clerk, sheriff, fire district, EMS, and county commissioner. This program will automate most purchase order and payroll functions in your office. The system will save time and money on accounting, check writing, payroll, W-2s and many other functions. Smart date fields, list fields and multiple entry fields are just a few time-saving, data-entry tools that are characteristic of all KellPro systems.

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Track Fixed and Consumable Assets

The KellPro Inventory Tracking System allows you to maintain inventory for fixed assets, for any classification of item, even for multiple offices. Track information on identification characteristics, original costs, depreciation, maintenance schedules and costs and disposal for any type of asset. Track project costs and locations of consumable inventory for public works maintenance. Associate, store and quickly retrieve digital pictures or documents associated with any asset or project. The KellPro Inventory Tracking System does it all.

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Facilitates Sharing of Inmate Transfers to Reduce Expenses

The KellPro Prisoner Tracking system is focused on helping the county Sheriff reduce the expense of inmate transfers. Inmates are often transferred to the same locations across our State to numerous correctional centers (including State prisons), mental hospitals, and juvenile facilities. Furthermore, suspects who are detained in another State have to be transported back to their locale which requires transfers across State lines, pulling vital law enforcement personnel out of their county, not to mention the expense of fuel and vehicle maintenance. KellPro has partnered with the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association to develop a solution that enables sharing of inmate transfers and offers the Basic Version of the Prisoner Transfer System at no cost to the sheriffs. 

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Easily Store and Retrieve Digital Copies of Old School Records

Public school census records were maintained for decades that contain valuable information for proving age or for doing genealogical research. Because these records were not classified as permanent archives, the materials used for these records are now being lost through deterioration. The KellPro School Records system provides a way to index and image these records.

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Track and View Plat Maps and Engineering Drawings

The KellPro Plat Map System reduces the need to physically handle, copy or search plat maps or large engineering drawings. Maps and drawings are frequently matters of public record. These documents have special requirements for storage, digitization and printing. The KellPro Plat Map System provides an extremely user friendly tool for indexing, storing, searching and printing the digital images of the documents from a computer. This system gives public users the ability to quickly search and view the documents, with an optional configuration to print the documents if needed.

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Manage Cemetery Lot Information and Ownership

The KellPro Cemetery Lot Management System is software that was designed to help with managing cemetery lots. County or private business that need to track cemetery lot ownership can use this software to keep track of the information related to the management of cemetery lots.

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Billing and Management Software for the Waste Management Industry

The KellPro Waste Management System is a software product designed to assist in the operation of waste management entities. Private business that operates a waste management operation can use this software to keep track of customers, billing, deposits, and other useful information.

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Automate the Tracking of Animals at Animal Control Shelters

The KellPro Animal Tracking System provides a tool for county animal shelters and private animal control facilities to track the status of animals under their care. The system also tracks donations made to the facility. Any Internet enabled device can be used to access the system, keeping costs low for the animal control facility as well as providing off-site users with access to the system.

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Optimum Document Filing and Retrieval System for any Office or Business

The KellPro Opti-File system is a customizable Windows based document imaging / filing solution that provides offices with the ability to instantly file and retrieve documents electronically. KellPro consultants can customize the indexing of scanned documents to match your existing paper filing system. It will no longer be necessary to leave your desk to locate documents as they will be instantly available from your desktop computer. Need copies of a document? Press a key and a copy of your document will print from a networked, local laser or inkjet printer.

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County and District Public Record Publishing

KellPro provides internet access to public records at, and Both textual and digital image results are returned. Nearly a million unique visitors search public records through these sites each month. Private web search sites are also provided for records that are not public. KellPro's Internet Records Publishing Service allows constituents to access public records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location with an internet connection. We help Clerks and officials provide a more visible, efficient means of access to the public records your office maintains.

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