Our Flagship Products

County Infrastructure Solutions

KellPro is an Oklahoma company that understands and respects the needs of local county government - both in relationships that we build and in the products that we offer.

Court System

The KellPro Court System is a program that automates any and all case management.


Inventory Tracking

The KellPro Inventory Tracking System (KIT) is a program used to track inventory that is owned by your business.


Purchasing And Payroll

The KellPro Purchasing and Payroll system (KPO) is a software program where vendors can be paid and payroll can be run for employees.


Recording System

The KellPro Recording System (KRS) is a computerized system for recording official public records. Documents are indexed and scanned into the system, making them searchable to the public.


Treasurer System

The KellPro Treasurer System (KTS) provides a simple, comprehensive approach to bookkeeping and accounting for County Treasurers.


Cloud-Based Software And Products

These web portals to our database and accounting systems are available anywhere, anytime!


OKCounties.org is a county-wide website designed for Commissioners, Sheriff, Assessor, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Election Board, Emergency Management, and more!



OKCountyRecords.com is a quick and easy way for attorneys, banks, land title companies, land men, realtors, and many more to easily view and print land records on the Internet. It is a centralized place to view and to print documents from 65 counties in Oklahoma.



Search for Oklahoma tax records and pay your taxes online at OKCountyTreasurers.com! Search treasurer data for every county available on our website at once or go to any county's advanced search page for more in-depth searches.


On Demand Court Records

Search Oklahoma, Texas, Tribal, and city court records all on ODCR.com. Oklahoma attorneys with a valid OBA number can view Oklahoma court images.


Technology Services And Support

Additional services and support for our customers.

Complete Online Care

With an ever-increasing number of online threats, it now takes a multi-faceted approach to provide adequate internet security. Complete Online Care is the service you need to give you a fighting chance against online threats.


Data Rescue

The first step to “rescuing” your data from disaster is to keep it out of harm’s way in the first place. KellPro Data Rescue is an automated backup service that protects your office against catastrophic data loss.